The new VR headset HTC Vive Pro 2

[10.03. 2021]

In august 2021 HTC released the new version of headset Vive pro 2 the successors Vive Pro. Everything looked shiny and bright until the date we tried it out. Maybe it's only a problem with our team but everyone who put the headset on was disappointed by the small range of IPD. The picture merging is not good at all. It's not comfortable for your eyes. It pulls your eyes the way that your are looking forward to finally remove the headset from your head. Hopefully there will be new lenses which help to fix the problem. Until then we will stay to use the previous version of the HTC Vive Pro. Also the new headset comes with the old controllers - not bad, but could be better.


VidereLux VR[made for Pico Goblin]

Dino Party VR [made for Pico Goblin]

Simulátor3D [only in czech]

Prehistory game [for Android]

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Real History [PC game]

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