About us

Mystoryous game studio is based in Czech Republic. We work on different projects as can be seen on the website. Some of them are for civil service as 3D simulator of flood or training simulator of modal activies.Others are focus on public sector where we have launched an android mobile game, Virtual reality game for Pico Goblin and nowadays we are working on another VR game in the style of steampunk, which we want to publish on more platforms such as Daydream, Nibiru and Pico.

As all community friendly developers we welcome constructive criticism and hope to entertain as many people as possible.

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VidereLux VR[made for Pico Goblin]

Dino Party VR [made for Pico Goblin]

Simulátor3D [only in czech]

Prehistory game [for Android]

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Real History [PC game]