Inserting and movement of dynamic objects

[13.05. 2015]

Inserting of an object can be done via menu. In the case of people, a simple dropdown menu can be used to assign parameters such as appearance, gender, age and in case of the object belonging to a folder, a home address and spawn point. For the vehicles these parameters are brand, colour, ownership, home address and a spawn point. Thanks to these parameters the inserted objects can be categorized or worked with further.

After selecting of an inserted object it is possible to move it to a different place by a jump, control in 1st person and in addition for people to alter between walking and running. For vehicles this addition is driving to the place of choice.

In the case of moving a vehicle by driving or driving in 1st person, it is necessary to have at least one person in the vehicle. Entering the vehicle is simply done by selecting the desired objects and pressing the button with the entering icon. Moving multiple objects can be done the same way as singular object moving, after they have been all selected.


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